So What's the Deal Here, Anyway?

So you might be wondering what's going on here. The basic story is that I've been collecting Castle Legos for many many years, but that recently The Lego Group(TM) has been turning out some pretty shoddy Castle merchandise. Amassing large numbers of the older castle figures is rather expensive, since they're something of a collectible. Not personally having hundreds of dollars to spend on buying little plastic men, I decided to make up some of my own Castle figures. I don't know how long my enthusiasm for this will last, as making custom figures is a lot of work, but the results that I've had so far have been encouraging.

I'm also experimenting with selling them on eBay and possibly on BrickLink, but I don't know how long I'll be doing that for.


Timmy minifigs cannibalized thus far...

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Sunsunder Knights
The Fireflint King
Red Griffons
Archers of the Emerald Eye





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