Passover in LA

I’m afraid I’ve fallen behind on my blog again. It happens from time to time when I am very busy. I was going to post a huge picture bomb of all the things I have done in the past two weeks, but I think instead I will break them up and back post them. My main motivation for doing this is that I want people to see my Cylon Tea hack, and if I post everything at once, it will be buried. Mmm… Cylon Tea.

At the beginning of the quarter, Joanna and I took Thursday and Friday off and went on a mini-vacation to LA. I went to my first Seder ever at Jo’s dad’s house, which was fun. However, I did think that the stuff that was read from the little-book-whose-name-starts-with-an-h was a bit over-the-top jangsty. Groups in general seem to like to dwell on how they have been wronged or oppressed in the past.

Other highlights of the weekend included: getting up and writing my BS 12-page project proposal for CS194 at 10:30 on Thursday, so I could email it to Travis by 3pm, so he could print it out and hand it in for me, going to the Urth Cafe, and hanging out in Santa Monica. We spent about two hours in a large bookstore dedicated entirely to architecture and adjacent disciplines.

While in Santa Monica, we ate lunch at Ye Olde King’s Head – a British Pub. We also shopped at the Tudor House, which makes delicious chicken curry pies. The Tudor House also sold some very strange British food. I think that the Brits’ main motivation in conquering India was to bring the yummy food of the Indian man into the Empire. And who can blame them, really. Boiled beef? Ick.