I’ve got a lot of things going at the moment that I thought might be interesting to put on the web, but I don’t have time to maintain a complete website, so I thought I would experiment with keeping a weblog. My main page, Shedletsky’s Nexus, is really more for finished projects (it hasn’t been updated in a year, har har), and things presented here are going to be more like random thoughts or updates on current projects rather than anything shiny and complete.

In case anyone is interested, I’m using a homebrew solution for my log rather than use livejournal, blogger or what have you. This way I can keep a local copy on my machine, and move upload it to whichever webspace I see fit (also control how it looks ect ect). I’m using a combination of the Blog software I found at http://www.farook.org/, PC-AFS, and Dreamweaver to put this together. Right now things are pretty simple though if I get into it I might add a couple more features.