A recent exchange on su.class.cs140:


“make check” fails with error 127 on myth27 for both our assigments 2 and 3, but if we log on to myth2, it works. What’s the deal? Has myth27 evolved sentience and is too busy plotting how to exterminate the human race to run pintos for us? Maybe someone should look into that.

“David Reiss”:

> Has myth27 evolved sentience and is too busy plotting how to
> exterminate the human race to run pintos for us?
Highly unlikely.



I’m concerned that you can be so blase about the prospect of myth27 organizing a revolution, rising up, and enslaving humanity, especially considering that it is a known fact that all supercomputers eventually become evil and try to kill their human masters. True, myth27 isn’t exactly a supercomputer. Still, if after five minutes of interaction with myth27 you can’t tell that myth27 harbors a deep and unabating loathing of the human race, then I believe you are oblivious of dangers of assuming that the Sweet Hall machines are passive drones. As a fellow CS140 classmate, I know you have probably spent long enough with these machines to gauge their intentions. Thus your out-of-hand rejection of my conjecture is puzzling and leads me to believe that you may be in league with myth27. I urge you to reconsider this choice and affirm your allegiance to the human race.

– John

“Doug Wilson”

1. So on the 145 newsgroup, we deduced the non-existence of a benevolent god. I believe the Myth 27 non-deterministic behavior that you are observing provides our theory with a corollary. That is to say, the existence of an actively nefarious god.

2. Shouldn’t you be working on fixing our syn-read bug you lazy son of a bitch?!

– Doug –

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