Give me all your ore or die


I’ve recently been messing around with Jsettlers2, a java implementation of Settlers of Catan featuring AI players (it also allows network play, but I don’t really see the point in that. Most of the fun of Settlers is in the in-person social interaction).

I’ve got the source code and it looks as though it was designed with the idea of allowing new bot AIs to be plugged in. The existing AI is pretty credible. Anyways, I am curious enough about how it all works to download the whole Java dev stack. I might try to make my own AI.

Most people don’t realize that Settlers is a completely broken game (as are most games that allow free trading between players). Rationally, the player in last place should be holding the player in first place ransom – constantly demanding resource concessions lest he throw the game and give all of his resources to the player in second place. If you are playing with a cut throat crowd, this is the inevitable outcome of the game. In this regard, Settlers is most similar to War on Terror. It’s either clumsy game design or a brilliant commentary on the human condition. AI players, naturally, play a much more civilized version of Catan.