Christmas 2006

A little late in the posting, but I wanted to get some pictures from Christmas break up here. I say “Christmas break” as though I was still a college student rather than a gainfully employed software engineer. The fact of the matter is that I have a benevolent boss and he let me work from home for a week and a half so that I could spend 3 weeks in New York. We did our normal Christmas/New Year’s thing, which involves Christmas in Delaware with the extended family and then a week in Rehoboth Beach.

My uncle Jerry and aunt Mary-Beth took a vacation to the Florida Keys this Christmas, which changed our regular routine. My cousin Trent, my dad, and I drove my grandmother to Scranton Pennsylvania (old industrial town now know mainly as being the setting of The Office) so that she could visit with her sister for Christmas.

Santa’s house on the the boardwalk. Incongruous? Yep.

I went for a bicycle ride to the state park with my dad and we ended up prospecting the jetty for minerals. I think he may have come back the morning after and chipped off some pieces of it, but I can’t be sure.

Winter at the beach is pretty awesome.

Christmas tree floating on Silver Lake. They light it up at night.

Good idea.


The canal by Henlopen Acres at dusk.


Adam says: “Hmm… I guess I’ll raise you ten.”

Still Tinkering…

The other day I successfully got my blog entries out of my old blogging program and into WordPress. I’m still not satisfied with it – in fact I am discouraged from future blogging given how hard it is to post formatted text plus pictures to the web. The problem is that everyone involved in web tech is an idiot. All I want to do is push a button in Word and have my super-fancy formatted doc appear on the web exactly as it does in Word. Is this too much to ask?

Instead I have to edit HTML by hand, fight someone else’s CSS, crop images down to size, fight different browser’s rendering the same thing differently, ect ect. It’s all bullshit. My time is more valuable than this.