Predictions for 2007…

After another round of acquisitions, including MySpace, Flickr, Yelp and Barry’s Totally Awesome Whitesnake Tribute Page, Google runs out of websites to buy. It decides accordingly to acquire itself for an unprecedented $10.4 billion in stock. “Google is the leader in search and a strong competitor in several other online venues,” says a Google spokesman. “It’s only natural that Google would want to partner with such an internet powerhouse. That’s why we’re proud to announce Google Google, which will be in beta for the next 15 years.

~ Stolen from Wired

2006 in Review

I’ve been experimenting a little with the open source package Gallery for setting up a mini Flickr on my site. After playing with it, I’ve decided it is a nice application, but suffers from a lack of UI polish that a professional photo gallery site would have. It is too UNIX-y if you know what I mean. Presentation counts, people.

Anyways, I’ve uploaded ~50 photos from this year.

Check it out

Home for the Holidays

It’s good to be home, thought I had a terrible time getting here. I left my house at 3:30am (after playing Warcraft all night with Jo, Erc, and Kejia) to get the airport for a 6:00 flight to Chicago so that I could catch the 7:45 plane to JFK, where I could then wait for my sister to arrive at 10:00 so that we could all go home. However, when I arrived at SFO I learned that my 6:00 flight had been inexplicably delayed until 10:00 (did I mention I hate flying?). Against all odds and with only 5 minutes of notice my dad was able to get me on another flight that went direct to JFK. The direct flight was a huge upshot, with the minor hitch that I then spent 6 hours languishing in NYC’s JFK airport, my least favorite place on the entire planet.

If the devil ever chose to live among men, he would live there.

Beverly Hills: Sole Survivor

I‘m not even sure that my blogging software is still configured correctly. I haven’t really posted anything since I came back from my summer vacation in NY.

Here’s some highlight from the past three months:

  • Went to the NY MOMA. Saw Starry Night and Empire of Light
  • Moved into totally sweet house in Woodside
  • Continued to work at Roblox, which is similarly awesome
  • Went to Big Sur with Eric Sun, Carol, and Jo
  • Went to LA for Thanksgiving
  • Daniel Salinas moved in with us. It is good.
  • Kejia comes to visit every weekend, even though she works in Detriot.
  • Had Roblox company dinner at the Woodside Pub. Very delicious.
  • Had dinner with Wamp and Tammy, when she was in town.
  • Burned a cord of wood for heat.
  • Perfected French Onion Soup recipe.
  • Had Pdawg, Wamp, Doougles over for dinner and served said soup.
  • Played 3 person mafia until 3 in the morning with Wamp and Doougles.
  • Played a good amount of Railroad Tycoon with erc.
  • Finally played Cosmic Encounters with a group of people.