Gogo Hbridge!


Due to the Google cache, the Hobo Staring Game yet lives to strive for legitimacy!

* * *

Played by American hobos since the invention of railroads brought the vagrants of the United States into frequent social contact, there grew a need for a non-violent way for one hobo to assert social rank over another. The Hobo Staring Game was the solution. In this game, two players stare at each other without losing eye contact and stare blankly at one another. The first player to laugh loses. Physical contact is not allowed.

The rules of this game were formally codified in 2002 by Eric Foley, who has since popularized it with the youth of the nation.

* * *

I just got to Rehobeth Beach, DE (that’s Delaware, noobs). It’s pretty weird to have been on Orcas Island just yesterday – both places have the relaxed-omg-we-are-at-the-most-awesome-place-wait-chillax ambient feeling going on. I’ll post some pics from Orcas soon – I wanted to post this separately so as not to diminish or eclipse Henry’s glory. During the wedding reception, he took the Hobo Staring Game to dizzying new heights…

Hobo Staring Game Evolved: A Hilarious Montage (21 MB)

I was homeless once

For 24 hours, and it totally sucked. Joanna and I have been looking for housing for the past month. It’s really hard because all the good places that show up on craigslist are gone within two days. Last weekend we watched a beautiful house in Portola Valley pass us by, which was hugely demoralizing. Just when I thought I would have to settle for a cruddy apartment someplace in Menlo Park on account of not being able to get five people together to rent a nice place, fortune smiled on us.

Erc, Jo, Kej and I went to an open house yesterday in Woodside, and today, we signed the lease for it. Our house has three fireplaces, a spacious living room with large windows, sits on 6 acres and despite being only 8 minutes from campus, feels like it is situated in the country. I think we are going to need to buy a pony to keep up appearances with the neighbors. Or a racehorse.

Anyways, we’ll invite people over for dinner in mid-September, when we move in.

Buglist Haiku

At most code shops, reports for known bugs are filed and kept in massive databases.

At my job, known bugs are are scribbled on little cards and described using Haiku.

I thought I would share my top 3.


Spatial hash is full
falling for eternity
performance not good


Damn profanity!
Battlemaster’s mom complained.
TODO: smite cuss words.


Oh! Please, server, please
Replicate and distribute
my ValueInstance!

Some of my favorites from gamedev.net:

Divide by zero
So many messy long ints
Why does God hate me

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

I have no log class
Many things behave strangely
For reasons unknown