Har Gau?

One fun-filled weekend.

Hiked up to the dish with Emma, Can and Jo on Thursday (my weekends begin on Thursday).

Emma left on Saturday, sadly without having tasted dim sum. Tammy and I did take her to Monster Sushi, however, which was very good.

I played penultimate mafia on Friday night with Doougle’s Gavilian froshies, Brendan and Can. Texan Dave Kent made an incredible surprise appearance and played with us. Mostly he talked about playing in the International Dodge Ball Championships this Summer (don’t mess with Texas). I lead the mafia to a crushing win in one game as the don (though Texan Dave Kent messed up and for the last half of the game Josh was the don instead), where I completely had everyone fooled up until the very end, when Calvin figured it out but couldn’t do anything. Other highlights include the time Rolf stabbed Doug in the face within the first two minutes of the game for steppin’ and the couch wars. Doug and I invented a new role that we want to try out, but didn’t get to.

– – –

The Homomorphism

Mafia Role

During the night, the Homomorphism (MBEEP!) creates a link from any player A to any player B. At the start of the day, the moderator announces that h(A) = B. If the citizens decide to lynch player A that round, player B also dies (since lynching is closed under homomorphism). Yes, a less abstract name could be invented for this role, but that’s not fun. I think this role could give the mafia lots of interesting strategies – if you think about it any player A is made more likely to be mafia and any player B is made less likely. Face stabbing is not closed under homomorphism.

– – –

Saturday I did dim sum at the Koi Palace with Eric Sun, Jo and Can. Yum. Then Jo and I met Eric and Kejia and Eric’s friend Dave at the Half Moon Bay Brewery (which has absolutely delicious brownies a la mode). After which we somehow found the energy to have a very pleasant beach bonfire. It was a really warm night and it felt good to be outside. It goes without saying that we made s’mores. However, I am an idiot and forgot the non-diary creamer again.

Sunday Jo, Tammy and I went out for dim sum at the Hong Kong Opium Lounge. I’ven’t been there since Wampler left. It was awesome. Oh the memories. Har gau?

Crisis in Flatland

Spent a good part of yesterday working on our game for CS194, the senior project class for CS. Doougles, Travis, Dan Salinas and I are writing a real time strategy game for TabletPCs. Our point of departure from every other RTS is that our game is meant to be played using only the stylus. While a lot of the core components are done, our screenshots look too ugly at the moment to post anything up.

My CS194 class is pretty ridiculous. Its a toolshed of people writing social networking applications for web 2.0 and AJAX. Our project manager (one of the TAs) is always so glad to meet with us and talk about something besides how javascript code modules on struts on crack on rails will revolutionize the experience of stalking people you might be interested in dating online.

So after giving our project proposal presentation to the class, we thought we would augment it will all the buzzwords that were flying around in order to better net stealth VC funding.

Ex Machina


The supercomputers I am showing here are powerful almost beyond human understanding. The can map every molecule of the billions on a human DNA string, scrutinize at the atomic level the collision between two pieces of plutonium in an exploding bomb; or sketch the gravitational pull of every star in the galaxy. There are not questions that humans could grapple with given plenty of time, a notebook and a sharp pencil. These computers are not amiable assistants they are distant and sinister; cold and inscrutable. They are omniscient and omnipresent and these are not qualities in which we find a simulacrum of ourselves – these are qualities that describe the Divine. The problem is not that these computers might one day resemble humans. It is that they already resemble gods.

Cray XT2



Mother's Day Misadventures

A group of us tried to go to the Koi Palace for dim sum last Sunday. Outside the place it was madness. There was this huge throng of people waiting to get in. Luckily Jo had thought to bring Apples to Apples, which we played on the porch of the Outback Steakhouse next door. After 45 minutes of waiting for a table, we gave up and ate steak for breakfast. It wasn’t dim sum, but it wasn’t a crushing defeat either.

Also, Emma is visiting this week! We went on an awesome faculty ghetto walk the other night to the playground, where we played tag. Doug renounced the teleportocracy in favor of the tagocracy. In the tagocracy, it is socially acceptable to start a game of tag at any point. For example, you might be sitting in a lecture hall and someone might touch you and quietly say “tag”, where upon you are then “it”. In the tagocracy tagbacks are punishable by death.

I watch this Computer Science student

He is diligent and attentive in class, hanging on the professor’s every word. In his five-subject notebook, tattered with wear, he writes down anything that he does not understand. Later he will study it until the wee hours of the night. He loves this, he thinks.

He forgot his notebook in class today; I picked it up. Every page was covered in poetry.